Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 3, 2018

1. Introduction

Link Belize values the trust our users and customers place in us when they give us access to their Personal Information. The Privacy Policy describes how we work to maintain that trust and protect that information.

Link Belize has created this Privacy Policy in order to describe its collection, use and disclosure of personal data you give to Link Belize when you access or use Link Belize’s online and/or mobile services and websites, and software provided by Link Belize on or in connection with such services or websites (collectively, the “Site”). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Link Belize” or “we” means the Link Belize Entity.

This Privacy Policy covers only data that we collect through the Site, and not any other data collection or processing, including, without limitation, the data collection practices of any affiliate or other third party, including any third-party operators of web pages to which the Site links, and any information that we collect offline or through any websites, products, or services that do not display a direct link to this Privacy Policy. Occasionally, we may refer to this Privacy Policy in notices and consent requests related to special purpose web pages, mobile applications, or other resources, for example, if we invite you to submit ideas to improve the Site; under such circumstances, this Privacy Policy applies to information collected by us through such special purpose resources, as modified in the particular notice or consent request (e.g., with respect to the types of data collected or our uses or disclosures of such information) Link Belize may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Please review the “Last Updated” legend at the top of this page to determine when this Privacy Policy was last amended. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective on the “Last Updated” date indicated above. By using the Site or providing information to us following such changes, you will have accepted the amended Privacy Policy. If Link Belize is going to use Personal Information (as defined below) collected through the Site in a manner materially different from that stated at the time of collection, then Link Belize will notify users via email and/or by posting a notice on Link Belize’s Site for 30 days prior to such use or by other means as required by law.

2. Information Collected

When you create an Link Belize account, request information, subscribe for a service, participate in a survey, post a rating or review, post a question or answer, upload content or otherwise actively send us data on our Site, we collect such data including, but not limited to, your user name, password, first and last name, email address, telephone number (including mobile phone number), street address, gender, occupation, interests, messages you send to users, and any other data included in a submitted profile or resume, including but not limited to application materials and answers to screener questions submitted to Employers through Link Belize and answers you give to any questionnaires sent to you, which you answer. In connection with chargeable services, we may also collect payment information (e.g., credit card number and related verification information).

In addition, as part of the standard operation of the Site, Link Belize may automatically collect and analyze information from your computer or mobile device, including, but not limited to, your browser type, operating system, IP address and the domain name from which you accessed the Site, and if you are accessing our Site with your mobile device, the type of mobile device. In addition, we may automatically record and analyze actions taken on the Site including, but not limited to, date and times of use, clicks, page views, the amount of time you spend on each page, and search queries. Link Belize reserves the right to match your IP address (or any other information) with other information about you in any way permitted by applicable law. Link Belize will store this information on its equipment or the equipment of third parties that Link Belize has a relationship with for that purpose. If you create an Link Belize account, information may be collected under your account email address.

If you access or use the Site on your mobile telephone or other mobile device, including tablets, we collect mobile device identifiers, including MAC Address, and IP Address. Link Belize may create and assign to your device an identifier that is similar to an account number. We may collect the name you have associated with your device, device type, telephone number, country, and any other information you choose to provide, such as user name, geolocation or email address.

If you are an Employer, Link Belize may request that you provide certain personal information to Link Belize in order to verify your account. This information includes, but is not limited to your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), Business Registration information, or a utility bill. This information will be used for internal purposes only, subject to any request by law enforcement or a court order.

3. Limitation of Use or Disclosure of Personal Data

When a Job Seeker closes an account, the Job Seeker will no longer have access to any of the data which we provided under that account name, including but not limited to, search history, job search preferences, saved jobs, jobs the Job Seeker has applied to, job alerts, resume, and any other data associated with the account. If the Job Seeker uses the same email address to set up a new account, this data will not become available to the Job Seeker again. Link Belize reserves the right to keep any materials in a closed account as necessary to preserve and protect its rights as allowed by law (for example, to preserve records of a dispute) or to comply with its obligations under local law (for example, to keep an email address). A closed account does not mean that all of the data is expunged from the Link Belize systems, although it will not be readily available under the Job Seeker’s original account name. When the Job Seeker presses the close account button on the dashboard, Link Belize will begin to process that instruction within 24 hours and will have completed the operation within 40 days.

Employers may disable an account, however Link Belize must preserve business records pertaining to that account to comply with its obligations under law. If a Job Seeker wants to delete a job application performed on Link Belize’s site, they will need to contact the prospective Employer directly to request deletion of their application. When a Job Seeker creates a resume on Link Belize, they are given the option to make their resume public or private. Public resumes are available to anyone with access to Link Belize’s resume search application. Private resumes are only made available to those whom the Job Seeker has initiated an application or provided their resume. For Public resumes, you authorize and consent to Link Belize removing your name from your Public resume, in certain instances. For job applications which you, the Job Seeker submit through Link Belize (including the use of an Link Belize Apply button) to an employer, (with related materials submitted), please note: 1) that your applications and materials may be controlled by an employer, 2) we may direct you to that employer for personal data deletion requests, and 3) Link Belize depends on the Employer or the Employer’s agent to provide Link Belize with the correct destination for all applications. In the event that the electronic destination provided to Link Belize is incorrect, your application materials will not be sent to the intended recipient of the application. Link Belize has no liability for such applications. If you do not wish to send your application materials in this manner, you should send them directly to the employer.

4. Uses and Disclosures of Information

We may use any information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy, including information that identifies you as a specific individual (“Personal Information”), for the purposes set forth in this Paragraph 4 and Paragraphs 5, 6, and 10 below. Link Belize uses such information to provide our services and features to you, including to provide employer information to you, to measure and improve those services and features, and to provide you with customer support.

For example, Link Belize uses your previous search and browsing history (e.g. the jobs you click on), or application materials and answers to screener questions, to determine relevant search results and provide you with recommended jobs or reach out to you about jobs you may be interested in. Link Belize may also provide information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy, including Personal Information, to employers that may be interested in contacting you. By applying to a job, providing your contact information to show interest in a job, or by replying to a message from an employer, you consent to the disclosure of your information to that employer. Link Belize may also use information provided to Link Belize via your Link Belize Resume to pre-populate application information for you and for other similar purposes.

Link Belize may also use information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy to prevent potentially illegal activities and activities that are detrimental to you or others. Link Belize may investigate and disclose information from or about you or your use of Link Belize if we have a good faith belief that such investigation or disclosure (a) is reasonably necessary to comply with legal process (including subpoenas, search warrants, court orders) and law enforcement instructions and orders; (b) is helpful to prevent, investigate, or identify possible wrongdoing in connection with the use of the Site; or (c) may protect our rights, reputation, property, safety, or that of the public; or (d) as necessary to meet national security requirements. Link Belize is subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission or other investigatory bodies of the United States.

We may use a variety of methods to detect and address anomalous activity and screen content to prevent abuse such as spam. However, such detection methods are not perfect and false positives may occur. These efforts may on occasion result in a temporary or permanent suspension or termination of some functions for some users. Link Belize further reserves the right to conduct investigations to determine whether you are perpetrating a scam, spamming Link Belize or its users, or otherwise conducting fraudulent activity on Link Belize by various means, including but not limited to investigating your functionality by setting up profiles and names that belong to Link Belize. Link Belize reserves the right to turn over any information gathered via such investigations to the police or other third party if Link Belize has a good faith belief that you are using the Site in violation of these terms.

Any information shared by you with Link Belize may be shared with or transferred to any Link Belize affiliated entity, no matter where located, for the purpose of providing you services and improving the Site. The services provided to you and the functionality of the Site could not be provided without such a transfer. If you do not wish your information to be transferred in this way you should not use this Site.

Transfer of Data to Third Parties

We may use other companies, including affiliates and third parties, to perform services in connection with our operations, and to improve the Site and our other products and services. These third parties may include (but are not limited to) service providers and vendors.

In the course of providing these services, those companies may have access to Personal Information, and such Personal Information may be transferred to other countries. Those companies are contractually required to treat such Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Please also be aware that we may use third-party cloud service providers that provide hosting, data storage and other services pursuant to standard terms and conditions that may be nonnegotiable; these service providers have informed us or the general public that they apply security measures they consider adequate for the protection of information within their system, or they have a general reputation for applying such measures. However, we will not be liable (to the fullest extent permitted by law) for any damages that may result from the misuse of any information, including Personal Information, by these companies. Please see paragraph 11 for liabilities related to the transfer of Personal Data for EU and Swiss Residents.

You may also use certain third-party sites or services that you link to from Link Belize’s Site. In such cases, all information you provide to a third party is provided to that third party and not to Link Belize, and is subject to the third party’s privacy policy and terms of service. Please see the section below titled Links to Third-Party Sites for more information.

Link Belize may use your IP address and mobile device information to help diagnose problems with Link Belize’s service and to administer the Site. Your IP address and mobile device information may also be used to help identify you, your location, and your online profile and to gather broad demographic information (such as country of origin). Link Belize may maintain (as permitted by applicable law) information collected from you pursuant to this Privacy Policy following any termination of your relationship with Link Belize. Link Belize may also delete such information as permitted by applicable law. If you provide credit, debit or other payment card and related details to us in order to make a payment, Link Belize will use such information only for the purpose of processing the payment. Link Belize may also aggregate your data with other data, for the purposes set forth above.

5. Contact and Resume Information

When you give Link Belize contact information (such as your name and email address) and demographic information, you agree that Link Belize may utilize this information as set forth herein. You agree that Link Belize may, as part of its services to you, communicate with you, or initiate communication with you on behalf of a third party, through your Link Belize account or through other means such as email, telephone (including mobile phone), or postal mail, including through the use of contact information that you may provide to Link Belize or that Link Belize may otherwise obtain from third-party resources. If and to the extent permitted by applicable law, Link Belize or its designated third-party partners may also use your contact information to (i) send you job alerts; (ii) create an account; and (iii) send you information about Link Belize, including promotional materials. A job alert is defined as an email sent to you that you sign up for containing Job Listings in response to a search query you have run (“Job Alert”). Job Alerts may also include jobs that Link Belize recommends for you, Link Belize Targeted Ads, companies you may be interested in following, or other actions you may want to take on the Site.

Link Belize may offer you the opportunity to receive a text message from Link Belize when an Employer posts a job you might like. In such an event you will enter your phone number on the Link Belize consent form and by entering your phone number you are representing and confirming it is your number and you have the right to accept text messages at the number. You agree to accept such text messages on your cell phone including messages sent by automated telephone dialing system. To unsubscribe at any time, contact Link Belize Customer Support.

Link Belize may use demographic and/or profile data to tailor your experience on the Site, show you content that Link Belize thinks you may be interested in, and display content according to your preferences. Your information, including Personal Information, gets placed on the Site when you upload or edit a resume. To the extent you upload a resume or edit it, and subject to your Privacy Settings, you are making the resume, your name and other Personal Information that you place on your resume available to third parties who may be interested in you as an employee (and who may forward your resume and Personal Information to other third parties), to Job Seekers who may want to contact you, to search engines, or to the general public by posting your Personal Information on the internet. However, please note that for Public resumes, you authorize and consent to Link Belize removing your name from your Public resume, in certain instances.

You acknowledge that Link Belize may determine whether the words of your resume or any other individuals’ resume match the words of certain job descriptions, and vice versa, in order to improve the Site or any other Link Belize product or service (including by displaying or otherwise making available potentially relevant job descriptions and resumes to job seekers and employers). If you post a public resume, this may be crawled by, and displayed through, search engines when someone searches for your name. This means that third parties can view the Personal Information contained in your resume and you may receive unsolicited contact from parties unaffiliated with Link Belize and for whom Link Belize has no responsibility. If you do not want your Personal Information posted on the Site, you should not upload it. You may opt out of this feature on a going forward basis by editing your Privacy Settings; however, Link Belize does not warrant how often third-party search engines will update their caches, which may continue to contain your resume information. Link Belize reserves the right to charge third parties a fee for accessing your information, including Personal Information, as part of Link Belize’s services. At your direction, Link Belize may also send your resume to third parties if you choose to apply for a job listing. When you view, send, store or receive materials through or by using the Site, Link Belize may also inform a Job Seeker that an Employer has taken an action with regards to a Job Seeker’s Resume or application such as opening the Resume or application, viewing the Resume or application and making a decision with regards to the application, and you hereby consent to Link Belize taking such actions.

6. Additional Uses and Disclosures of Non-Personal Information

In addition to the other uses and disclosures of information set forth in this Privacy Policy, and notwithstanding anything in this Privacy Policy to the contrary, we may use and disclosure, for any purpose, any information that does not identify you as a specific individual (“Non-Personal Information”), except where we are required to do otherwise under applicable law. Such Non-Personal Information may include, for example and without limitation: MAC addresses and other device identifiers; pixel tags and similar technologies; physical location information; and demographic information, including gender, dates of birth, ZIP codes, etc. Non-Personal Information may also include Personal Information that has been aggregated or deidentified. If we combine any Non-Personal Information with Personal Information (such as combining your ZIP code with your name), then we will only use and disclose such combined information for the purposes described in this Paragraph 6 and Paragraphs 4, 5 and 10 of this Privacy Policy while it is so combined. If we are required to treat Non-Personal Information as Personal Information under applicable law, then we may use and disclose it for all the purposes for which we use and disclose Personal Information.

7. Security

Link Belize seeks to use reasonable security measures to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the Personal Information under Link Belize’s control. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. In addition, please note that emails, messages sent via your web browser, and other similar means of communication with other users, are not encrypted. We strongly advise you not to communicate any confidential or sensitive information through these means. Therefore, while we strive to protect your information, we cannot guarantee its security. Please also be aware that we may use third-party cloud service providers that provide hosting, data storage and other services pursuant to standard terms and conditions that may be nonnegotiable; these service providers have informed us or the general public that they apply security measures they consider adequate for the protection of information within their system, or they have a general reputation for applying such measures. However, we will not be liable (to the fullest extent permitted by law) for any damages that may result from the misuse of any information, including Personal Information, by these companies. Please see paragraph 11 for liabilities pertaining to the transfer of personal data for EU and Swiss Residents.

8. Cookies

“Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Please see our cookie policy for further information regarding Link Belize’s use of Cookies.

9. Links to Third-Party Sites


10. Acquisitions and Other Reorganizations

Information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy, including Personal Information, may be disclosed to one or more third parties in connection with any change of ownership or control in Link Belize’s business (whether by merger, sale, or otherwise), or any other reorganization or joint venture, or assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceeding), and any such information may be used by such third party in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Equally, information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy, including Personal Information, may be disclosed to one or more third parties in connection with any acquisition or merger carried out by Link Belize of such third parties.

11. Opting Out

If you no longer want to receive promotional materials from us based upon your Personal Information, going forward, you may opt out of receiving such marketing related messages by sending an email to support @ Link (remove spaces when sending email). Please note that we may still send other messages to you, such as administrative messages. We will try to comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable.

12. General Inquiries and Complaints

You may contact Link Belize via mail at 12 Mayflower Street, Belmopan City, Belize; or you may contact us via our support email at [email protected] .